Trackon Couriers Pvt. Ltd.  

Instructions for POD
All Branches & Associates are instructed to strictly follow below mentioned instructions while attaching PODs on parcels for easy-flow operation and return of maximum number of PODs.
  • Mention all details on POD ie. Origin, Destination, Address, Phone number and Weight.
  • The Airway Bill number and Barcode should be clearly visible on POD.
  • The fold of POD should be as per the Photo-sample shown below.
  • Do not paste or staple anything on Barcode or Airway Bill number.
  • POD should be compulsorily put in a transparent poly-pack before attaching on parcel.
  • The poly-pack should be new, wrinkle free and transparent for the correct visibility.
  • The printed tape should not cover Barcode or Airway Bill number.
  • Only parcels, those are easily scanned by scanners would be accepted at your connecting hub.
Please co-operate us to provide you a better service to satisfy our esteem clients.
Instructions for POD